Add .html in category and page url

It is natural for people to desire their sites be visited most in internet. People want their ideas and information to be shared  by maximum number of visitors in internet. But prior to this they have to understand the level of their users and then make easy access of their information in internet using various techniques.

The posts made in wordpress by default carries .html with the url.If not  you can set .html to your post from permanent link setting from admin menu.However in normal condition wordpress does not provide .html to your page and category url.Which might be a disadvantage because there is a belief in some users that .html in  pages or category url gives a better ranking in Google search.In reality it is just a false assumption by people. It has got nothing to do with the ranking in search engine.

As a matter of fact .html has more important values.Adding .html to your pages and categories gives more static look to your pages and category url.Besides if your are highly obsessed with wordpress  and want to translate your posts,pages and categories from some other CMS such as blogger it is a difficult ask. Blogger by default provides .html to your category and page url but wordpress doesn’t . In this case your translation may not carry equal weight as it did in blogger.As mentioned earlier a huge bunch of internet user look for .html tag with url which is not default for page and category in wordpress.

Hence to attract attention of web surfers and capitalize the advantages it has become essential to add .html in category and page url in wordpress.But don’t worry it has been made possible and rather easier to add .html to your page and category url. A plug in is available which will do the task for you.

Download the  plugin from the link given below:

Besides adding .html you can change the extension to .php/.asp/.jsp from the above plug in.Isn’t the plugin of high utility? Just try it out and grab a huge advantage.