Benifits of premium plugins

Blogging has become a common mean and probably the most desirable mean in the present world when it comes to the commercialization.Until the extensive development in the sector of the information technology; web development was considered to be the skill of highly informative professionals of the IT sectors.It is no more the case with the development of  blogging aids like WordPress and wordpress plugins that are easy to use even for some one who has got no knowledge of the technical aspects of  web development. Simple is the reason as the wordpress avoids tedious task of coding.The utility  of the wordpress to design your sites in attractive fashion so as to enlist it superior to other sites of similar kinds has been enhanced by different kind of wordpress plugins available.Having said that one most be aware that there are both free and premium plugins available for the purpose.

As mentioned above, the ultimate aim of blogging is commercial benefit but alongside that one most be aware of several factors associated with it. Here we consider and elucidate the comparative  aspects of premium plugins with that of free plugins.Apparently free plugins are available free of cost since you don’t have to pay for hosting and domains.Further more it gets automatically updated and is easy to setup and  use. But realistically it fails to meet the ultimate aim of money making. Free plugins don’t provide the previlage of monitization because all the advertisement are controlled and we are not allowed to display our own advertizements.To add to the mesery free plugins provide limited space i.e, to say if you run out of space it cannot be extended.Likewise blogging with free plugins limits the probability of making your site attrative and lure more and more visitors because you will have to play with 75 themes available within the package.The problematic of all, sites with free plugins gets crowded with undesirable spams and advertisements

On the contrary premium plugins provide you with all those facilities and the services that are limited by the free plugins.Important of all it faciliates earning of revenue. One can start selling his own products or promoting someone else’s product. You are allowed to add a shopping cart any number of plugins for tracking that can genrate revenue. One will be relieved from the problem of dealing with unnecessary spams and flow of unnecessary advertisements if he opts for premium plugins. Unlike free plugins  there is no limitation of themes with premium version of plugins.One can use huge array of customised plugins to make the webpage more proffesional. With premium plugins the site is under complete control of the designer. It is search engine friendly and provide every  page to be indexed.