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    I just downloaded the plugin, but I can’t get an API code because the page is under maintenance. It’s been that way all day. Is it just me? Or is it really under maintenance?



    Ya, it is really under maintenance. Our server are not working well after some upgrade. We are going live with some downtime today and in the process to change the server.




    It seems that servers are still down, can you please say when this problem might be resolved? Thanks.




    I must agree, with the poster’s above. A time estimate would be nice.





    We had a very bad time this week and got our server down from last 5 days. We still have no response from our server guys.

    We have setup a secondary server and the font converter service is back. However, due to limited resources, our font converter now only accepts tff and otf (mostly used) format.

    Due to recently change in server and lack of testing time, there might be some issues during font conversion. We would like to hear any issues you occur.

    Also, to avoid this type of long down time in upcoming days, we are going to keep both server.

    Thanks a lot for your patience. And extremely sorry for the down time.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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