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    Hi there, recently I used this awesome plugin on my older theme and it worked great. My new Theme has an “Special Heading builder item” where I can’t use recently assigned fonts.

    Could you provilde me an workaround?

    Even in “Revolution Slider” is no option to assign my own fonts.

    Please help! 🙂



    I have the same issue on frontpage slider.




    Some plugins or theme have custom developed font family list. So we are unable to send the font list there.

    However there are many options to apply the fonts to them.

    1. You can assign the font to our pre defined elements from font assign section. And the font should be assign if those slider or custom header are using the same elements.

    2. If you know bit of css, you can write custom element to assign the font.

    3. This is new feature from 4.6. Usually slider plugin accepts custom class. You can keep the same class as the name you defined for the font when uploading.

    Hope this helps.




    I applied it and it’s working on my laptop.

    Actually there is an issue for the font in different browsers accessing from different machines.

    We want to solve this and verify that the font will be accessible from all.
    Are there any possible reasons which block the fonts to be rendered well using “Use Any Fonts” plugin?

    P.S.: I like your plug in very much and I’ll



    Hi Konstantinos,

    In that case, please send me the url of the site and let me know the browser and machine it is not working. I will check with the simulator and try to find the issue.




    Hello Dinesh,

    The website is the following:

    Αρχική σελίδα

    It’s working from my Mac using macOS Sierra and on Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 and Safari Version 10.0 (12602.

    It’s not working from another machine using MacOS 10.9.5 with
    Safari 9.1.3 and Firefox 49.0.1

    Please advise.




    I just tested it here in around 18 different variation of Mac Os (chrome, safar and firefox). All looks quite same to me. You can check it here.

    Can you please point it out which snapshot is having the issue there ?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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