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    Michael Mountain

    I’ve installed a set of Neue Haas Unica fonts. Three questions:

    1. Do I now just check all the boxes in “Select Elements to Assign”? Will the plug-in know which fonts to assign to h1, h2, body, etc?

    2. Do I need to put something in “Custom Elements”? I have no idea what #content .wrap or #content p are and if I need to put anything in there.

    3. If I want to revert back to my original fonts (Verdana), do I just Unselect all the checkboxes? Or will I need to go back into the css and change it?

    Thank you



    Hi Michael,

    Here are the answers for your queries.

    1. It depends upon the font you assign. You can select the font from font list and tick the elements you want to assign that font to.

    2. Custom elements is mostly not needed if our predefined elements like h1,h2.. works for you.

    3. You can just delete the font assign and should be back to your old font.



    Michael Mountain

    OK, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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