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    Your plugin is outstanding. Thanks so much for providing it for us to use! I have run into a strange problem with it recently, but overall it’s been fantastic.

    Basically, I’ve been playing around with different fonts to see which worked best with the site I’m currently designing for a client at … It’s great to be able to have so much control over the fonts – truly awesome.. but when I switch between fonts and completely delete/clear browser cache, etc. of one font and then load other(s), the originally uploaded font seems to “stick” – but only on random pages..

    There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as for why the new ‘assigned font’ will “take” on some pages and not on others… So now I’ve gotten a bit overwhelmed with the site’s fonts.. I hesitate to make any changes because I don’t know what will get hung up somehow and I quite honestly don’t know with any certainty that my site doesn’t have random unwanted ‘old/tested/ fonts throughout.. I’ve tried to manually go through each page/element/sidebar/widget, etc., but it becomes very time consuming and it’s certainly not a fool-proof way of ensuring site-wide uniformity; can you suggest anything?

    Would it help to deactivate the plugin and reinstall it? Have you ever heard of this issue happening to other users? I don’t have a caching plugin installed on the site yet (that thought just this moment came to me) so maybe that would fix the problem … I guess I just assumed that flushing the overall browser cache would clear anything in there.. I’ll try adding a caching plugin; I’d still like to know if you have any ‘fixes’ for this type of thing though.

    Thanks again for a great plugin! 🙂




    Hi Deb,

    First can you make sure you are using recent version (4.3.6) of our plugin ? We have kept css version system after each font changes. So this should fix most of the cache issue.

    Cache can be served by many ways, like browser, plugins and even by servers. So can you make sure you don’t have cache system enabled in your server.

    Even you may trying adding ?ver=23423 (random number) after you page url. This also helps to clear cache.

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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