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    Tim Ritari

    I cannot upload a font to my WP site. I have uploaded about three different fonts earlier and succeeded, but now i only get the result “Couldn’t receive eot file”. The plugin is up to date. I have tried upload the font, ttf, on your test-site, and it works. I´ve also inactivated and activated the plugin, still doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions?
    Kind regards



    Hi Tim,

    Sorry about the issue here. Currently our server is blocking connection from user’s servers. This is happening in few cases. So we are in touch with our server provider and they are looking into this issue.

    Hope your patience here.



    Christian Svalander


    I just had the same problem when finalizing an uploaded TTF font;

    Couldn’t receive woff file
    Couldn’t receive eot file

    I have tried to use the alternative upload function, but it gives an error when testing server (cannot access server).

    My site works as usual, and I had no troubles validating my API key I bought an hour earlier.

    Is this the same issue?

    Thanks, Chris



    Hi Christian,

    We have updated our plugin to version 4.4.3 and this should fix the issue you are having. Can you please try now ?



    Neil McKie

    Hi. I am having the same issue. I uploaded both a ttf and a woff file then got the couldn’t receive error. I’m on the latest plugin.

    Any idea? I really need this sorted asap.




    Hi Neil,

    Please kindly send us your wp-admin details and font files at dnesscarkey (AATT) gmail (D00T) com. We will try to fix it from here.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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