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    When I use the font Klavika in my headings
    Chrome converts it to italics, but it works fine in IE 10.
    If I turn off Use any font, the standard heading is not in italics.

    Any tricks to resolve this ?



    Hi Jason,

    Do you mean ‘Welcome to the Everton Park Junior Rugby Union Club’ heading ? Its style is not italic and Klavika font has been used there. We tested here in Firefox and Chrome. They have same result.

    If you think its a cache issues, you can press Ctrl + Shift + N and open the link there.



    Jason Hicks

    Yes that was the heading ‘Welcome to the Everton Park Junior Rugby Union Club’

    I’ve just check firefox, IE 10 and Chrome.
    IE 10 and Firefox, do not show the font in italics.
    Chrome still shows the font in italics, even in incognito mode.

    Chrome –
    Firefox –
    IE 10 –

    I’m baffled .. lol



    Hi Jason,

    Even i am using chrome here and i can’t see that heading being italic.

    We tested here in some other pc as well and looks fine in chrome.

    Did you try testing with other pc ?

    For your information, i am using windows 7 with chrome.



    Ok it looks like its just 1 machine.
    Every other machine I have tested on works fine with chrome.

    Sorry for the trouble.
    Strange it still happens and I have removed all history and plugins and running in private mode. I have also removed the font from the PC in case it was causing a .problem

    I have no problems working with it like this so thank you for a great product and all of your assistance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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