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    Hi, I have been trying to learn WordPress via two classes yet it remained a deep, dark mystery to me. SO I have hired a web designer who has told me that the reason the fonts I chose for my site, gapstown and crayon hand, show up as a times new romanish type of font when I’m using firefox is that my cache needs to be cleaned. Is that true? If so, wouldn’t everyone who goes to my site have to clean their cache before seeing the correct font?
    Please advise what steps need to be taken so that those two fonts will show up correctly, whether the reader is using firefox, IE, an Iphone, or if they never clean their cache. thanks so very much for your assistance. Diane



    Hi Diane,

    Cache is something that remains within your computer and which get cleaned up within some time interval. So there is no need to to clear cache in every browsers of your client. It is a normal process that browsers uses to decrease the load time for repeated pages.

    So, there is not thing from your end to worry about. However, i would like to request your site url. I will check it over here and send its status.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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