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    My test site:

    I thought I had all my css issues figured out for the font I’m using, but I just discovered that I was wrong. I successfully have the font changed on my vertical menu of the site, however, when I click on any menu item, other than “weddings”, all of the menu items disappear. I’ve tried adding other css options thinking that that should fix the problem, but I haven’t been successful yet. Any ideas?
    Thank you!



    Hi Amanda,

    So far this is not the font plugin issues. Because the font is working in every page as the setup you have done.

    I am not sure, but as per your div layout, you are using menu widget in a sidebar and those sidebar is disabled in pages other than weddings. You wedding page is using sidebar-content layout where as other pages are using content layout.

    So can you try this layout from your page edit section? I think they should be below the content editor area.

    Please forgive me, if i misguided you. This is what i can suggest currently as per your url.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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