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    I donated to try out your plugin as it seemed it was just what I needed.
    After install and uploading a font it was available to select in the editor and available to assign to element. In the editor the new font showed up and was displayed perfectly. However when publishing the page/post the font defaulted to a Times New Roman font. Assigning the font to element does not work either.

    The theme I use is Epix by Themeva (

    Please help!



    Mmmm, it seems that after an edit of the UAF settings the new uaf.css is rewritten but not loaded by the browser. The stylesheet is referenced as ….uaf.css?v=4.0.1 and this does not change after an edit. Shouldn’t the version of the stylesheet be updated to force the browser to load the new css file in stead of the cached one?



    And I fixed the problem… Seemed my web hosted was caching the css files. So I excluded the css files from caching by using a .htaccess command and now your plugin works like a charm!!!



    Hi Robert,

    Glad it is working fine there now.

    Thanks for sharing your solution here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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