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    Rebecca Fonseca

    I have a license key for your plugin. I purchased a custom font set (San Francisco) that has nearly 100 font files. How can I easily upload them together as opposed to individually? It will take lots of time to do each one alone. For each font variation, I have the following types of files : .ttf, .woff, .eot, .svg




    Hi Rebecca,

    First we don’t have bulk font upload. Since each fonts need to go to our font conversion server and then it converts to required format and sends back. So bulk upload is not possible.

    Regarding the 100 fonts you want to upload, Are you sure you need to use all those fonts in single site ? Loading 100 fonts to your site will be hell lot of time. So we suggest you to use 5 – 10 fonts in max.

    For upload you don’t need to upload each font files that are in different format. One of them from ttf or woff or otf will be fine.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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