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    Steven Redi

    So What i am finding is with the plug in I am having a few, problems regarding the use of it while the websites within the widths between iPad and iPhone. But this is only the case on mobile browsers. If I was to set my desktop browser to size of say an iPhone or iPad it just works fine, without any problems. I am wondering whether there is any help or advise you can give me with this.
    The problem only rises when I am using this plugin with certain fonts.
    The fonts which I am having the issues with are the following…

  • Candara
  • Edwardian
  • Sackers
  • It is strange that this is a problem i am having with these fonts but one I have used in the past worked fine.
    It seems like the problem I am having is when it is being center aligned.
    Is this a Known problem? and is there a fix for this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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