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    I use your plugin to switc my site in mobile version.
    I tried this tool:

    The response is negative, but I noticed that the scan use desktop file, not mobile file.

    Is a plugin configuration problem? Or a problem in my robots.txt o htacces file?


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    Hi Rebecca,

    Our plugin just the mobile user agent to switch the theme. So i am not sure yet but have a doubt if google sends mobile user agent or not. If it does send user agent it should use the mobile theme.


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    Edoardo Bridda

    Since the beginning of August we have had the same problem. Google-mobile-bot opens the desktop theme instead of the mobile one, we tested this various times on google search console. A normal human user sees everything correctly but the mobile-bot presents itself in a way that – maybe – the plugin serves it like a desktop user.

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    Hi Edoardo,

    Our plugin changes the theme based on the mobile user agent. So if the google bot uses the mobile user agent then it should show the mobile theme. I think for that google have bot related to mobile.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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