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    Caleb Royce

    Hello, I have a problem, when i activate (use) Theme B ( for mobile) everything run perfectly. but after i switch to Theme A (for Destktop) and i check a web from smartphone, Theme B active but all Sidebar and Menu is missing, can you help me? I use Suffusion (theme A) and Hueman is my B.

    On Suffusion – Widget = Sidebar 1, in Hueman = Primary
    if i activate/ use Suffusion, Primary is missing when i checked from mobile and viceversa.

    Need your advice 🙂



    Hi Caleb,

    As per wordpress setup and work flow. We cann’t activate / use widgets in both the theme at the same time. So its always better to avoid widgets in mobile theme. If you need to use that, you need to register a sidebar and keep widgets for mobile theme in desktop. Then you can call that in mobile theme.



    Caleb Royce

    Hi Dinesh,

    So i just need other plugin (create new sidebar) and activate, and about the menu is same way like sidebar?
    do you have recommended plugins?

    Thanks hav nice day!



    Hi Caleb,

    Really sorry here as i haven’t used any plugin for that yet. I think it doesn’t exists as a complete solution.

    But definitely there are plugins that can create sidebar which you can place in your mobile theme (May be you need to place code in your mobile theme’s file).

    I actually avoid using sidebar in mobile theme. If i need to, i register siderbar myself keeping some codes in functions.php of theme folder. (You can google register_sidebar + wordpress for some reference). And later you can call that in your mobile theme.


    Caleb Royce

    Hi Dinesh!

    Finally made it! 🙂

    Because im so newbie with php, so it takes very very headache to solve “simple” step, like you said, just add menu and widget to functions.php and it works!

    Perfect with your Amazing Plugin.

    Thanks God!
    Thanks Dinesh!

    Hav a Great Day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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