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    mohammad shamma

    dear sir,

    i am handling this thing on my own

    and i am taking classes in WP, pls excuse my noopines.

    how to make the font in my post, i have assigned the font to header 3.

    then i went to editing the post and changed the font to header 3.

    still the old font no change.

    hold on… is this only to english fonts?

    i am using arabic font for arabic text,
    kindly confirm,

    my email



    mohammad shamma

    so it changes the font for all the website ?

    what if i want to change only one post ?

    pls advice




    For that you need to use DiV with class.

    In your HTML editor of the content, you can add a div with the class.


    And you can assign this class in the custom element of the font assign section.



    mohammad shamma

    Dear sir,

    thank you for your respond.

    knowledge is the most important thing in life,

    please guide me with one thing

    what is the class i need to take to know about all the things you said,

    as i told you i am just a beginner and i need to learn more about this world.

    please all i ask is to guide me and ill be thankful 4 life.



    mohammad shamma

    dear sir,

    its all good Now,

    please one last question i have 2 languages when i change to a good arabic font

    the english goes bad,

    please help me with this last matter,

    i am searching for good institute to learn about HTML and web design,




    Sorry Mohammad, but we don’t have different language support.

    May be we will try in upcoming release. But not now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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