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    I just discovered your great plugin and installed onto my wordpress blog.
    I have chosen WordPress’ own theme, “Twenty Thirteen”, to be my site’s mobile theme, because of its great readability. I have already customized it’s header image to my preferred one.

    However, when I select the theme on your Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin, my mobile site shows the default header image instead of the image I uploaded and selected on the theme customization page.

    Can your plugin use only the default setting, or are there any way for it to reflect my own theme customization onto my mobile site?




    Actually this plugin only do the theme switching, so there are no option for theme customization.

    If it is possible can you send me your site url and wp-admin details in dnesskarki(aat)gmail(d0t)com ?




    I am currently trying to customize a theme, and this theme has an empty .css file and boasts how convenient it is as all customization is done through the options panel. I have never seen a theme like this. What are the odds? Are you able to help or give advice? Thank you!



    HI Angela,

    I am not much sure, but i believe the css file will be written via php when you update your customization options. Or there may be chance, that the main style.css remains empty and they call other css files for stylesheet.

    Every developer have different flow for theme writting, so i suggest you to consult with the developer or its documentation.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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