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    Hey there!

    First of all: Great theme! Really nice work that you’ve done here!

    Unfortunately there is still one problem remaining: The custom settings for the mobile theme (the inactive one in wordpress) dont seem to be reflected like some other users in this forum already mentioned:

    I guess its all in all the same problem regarding the settings that are made within the inactive theme.

    In my case I use ‘Twenty fourteen’ as mobile theme and I embedded a new header image within the theme settings. When I switch the theme , mobile switcher doesnt involve any settings made anymore.

    I just set a static header image in the header.php now but that cannot be the solution.

    Any news on that issue?

    Would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks and greets from Germany 😉



    Hi Makkuus,

    As we have already mentioned that our plugin is just a theme switcher and we don’t handle the theme customization. Also, with current wordpress system, it doesn’t allows theme customization or widgets for inactive theme.

    We have been trying from many months to resolve this, but no solution has come up yet.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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