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    Hi sir,
    Please, I need your help ,
    I added the following theme on my themes:

    and,I selected it on all my mobile theme setting:

    But , when I viewed my site by :

    Then nothing happened , I saw my current theme not the new one that i selected to the Mobile theme.
    So please, What must i do ?
    I can send you the login details to help to fix this issue if you want.
    Best regards



    It is working ,
    But the problem is , I don’t need the following :

    How can i disable that ?

    And How can I do what i want on my mobile theme that is not activate it for my site.




    Fixed, Great plugin.

    I have only one question,
    my theme on desktop, have only 5 items on the Menu bar.
    But when i open my theme on the Mobile devices, then will be all the pages that i have and created,
    How can I make my Menu items on the mobile version have only 5 ITEMS that i have on the Menu bar ?

    Please , Help me!!!




    Hi Ashraf,

    For that you need to assign the menu to your mobile theme. So please activate your mobile theme and assign menu to it under Appearance > Menu. After that you can reactivate your desktop theme.




    Thanks sir for your attention and feedback.
    You mean on the mobile theme must i create a new Menu ?

    in this case the new Menu will not affect my original theme ?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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