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    Hi and thanks for the plugin-

    I have a custom font with glyphs that need to stack. I thought it worked before, but now can’t see it working.

    Here’s a test page:

    test aui

    You can see the Auiv47 and Auiv53 fonts there. The roman characters “bru” should produce three symbols with the first two stacked.

    I have used your plugin on another site and initially had success with stacking, then tried to update the font because a new version was created, then never got the stacking working again with the new font version. And weirdly the old version v47 still works better than the newer ones (on that site). It even seemed to work after deleting your plugin and with no other font plugins active.

    I know that stacking glyphs may work on Chrome on a Mac, but not on Windows with IE. DO you know if your plugin generates stacking of glyphs on Windows with IE or chrome?

    I like your plugin because it is pretty easy to set up and offers access to the font in the admin WYSIWYG editor in WordPress.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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