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    Hey there, just got use any font and loving it! Only problem is, only Display fonts which come with only one TTF file (I get my fonts from font squirrel) are actually working for me.

    What I mean is, for my paragraph text, I would like the Josefin Sans font, however, when I download the TTF zip, which has lots of different versions of the font (regular bold, italic etc) and just upload the ‘regular’ one to use any font, it uploads… but the font style does not come with it…. it doesn’t give me the josefin sans font style, or any other paragraph font style that I upload like this….what am I doing wrong?

    If I upload a display style font like Amatic for example, that one will work away beautifully.

    Any ideas??? My paragraphs look terrible to me at the mo as I’m only using Arial black … :C Any help appreciated!!



    Hi Grace,

    Can you please send your font file at dnesscarkey (aatt) gmail (dot) com ? We will check here and let you know. Please don’t forget to keep this thread url in email.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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