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    John Galt

    I have tried a couple of plugins (individually) that allow me to install Google Fonts into the my WordPress installation. (WP Edit Pro and Google Font Manager)

    Both of these successfully loaded Google Fonts into the WordPress Visual Editor font menu but as soon as I installed a font using “Use Any Fonts” my Google fonts disappear from the font menu.

    The Google fonts continue to load on the pages properly, they just don’t show up in the font menu when composing a post or page.

    Please advise.




    Hi John,

    Seems like there is some issue with our plugin regarding font. We are looking to this issue and once it is fixed, we send another update soon.



    John Galt

    Thanks very much, that would be much appreciated. This problem is preventing me from using your plugin and has forced me to seek another solution to complete my project.


    John Galt

    Hey Dinesh, just following up to see if you have had a chance to look into this Google Font conflict issue. Thanks.


    John Galt

    Hi Dinesh, any chance that you will be able to fix this problem?


    John Galt

    I am unable to use your plugin because it prevents me from loading Google fonts. Please fix if you can. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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