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    I made a copy of my main theme, re-named it and chose this theme to be my mobile theme. But it’s not showing anything and i’m getting a blank page. This copied theme is an exact copy of the the main theme so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work..

    Any ideas?




    Did you change theme name in style.css ? WordPress store theme name in style.css and it renders based on it.


    J Camp

    I’m having the same issue right now – duplicated my dev theme, renamed it to ‘theme-mobile’ in css, and changed all registrations as well (sidebar/single posts/etc. using unique files and ‘mobile’ names to avoid a couple DB conflicts I couldn’t seem to avoid for some reason). Basically I am only trying to duplicate the theme so I can force different template files depending on the device. I’ll let you know if I find a solution – I’m only about 10 minutes into it.




    J Camp

    Ok, so I determined that it was another conflict with how the functions were registered from each theme in the DB – I did a search/replace of every file to replace the name ‘theme’ with ‘theme_mobile’ and it’s good to go. If you do this, be sure to search/replace case specific (Theme, theme, THEME), and I had to also change custom post types and widgets that were in the theme as they were storing in the same table.


    Success! Now to mess with people a little and show what usability is really about;-)



    Its better to try with different theme to test. You may also use Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven theme for testing.

    If you are interested you can try using juqery mobile wp theme.



    J Camp,

    Did you do the search/replace on the database or on the files?


    Thanks for the help.




    I also want to point out that your suggestion to “try a different theme” is completely unacceptable. I don’t want nor need to try a different theme. I am using a theme that is a modified version of my main theme and that’s the one that needs to work. If your plugin cannot handle that, for whatever reason, this plugin has not been tested properly and is not ready for release and should be taken down or there should be a note saying that this plugin cannot handle a modified theme of the main theme without major hacking.




    Hi Joe,

    Sorry to see you are having problem. But let me clear you about this plugin.

    This is just a mobile theme swticher. So you need to have desktop and mobile theme in your wordpress. And what this plugin does is that when some one visits your website from mobile, then mobile theme is displayed and shows desktop theme when the visitor is from desktop.

    It doesn’t make any changes to your theme.

    So i have some questions for you.
    1. Do you have multiple theme one for default desktop and one for mobile ?
    2. Did you assign your mobile theme from Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin settings page.

    We are ready to help you in any way possible.



    jorge ramirez

    HI, can you please help, i try the pluging  some days ago and it works fine, but stoped to work yesterday.  It always show the same theme in every devices. I even so try to change all options themes for others, and anything change, always the same theme in all devices.

    What would be?

    I appreciate your help






    Do you have cache plugin working ?


    jorge ramirez

    No, i don´t have any cache plugin installed


    jorge ramirez

    it´s just like the mobile switcher won´t be installed at all.

    Base theme is the only theme on any device



    Can you send your site url and if posssible wp-admin details at dnesskarki{at}gmail{dot}com ?


    jorge ramirez

    Hi, we try another plug in that works fine for us (WPtap Mobile Detector) we would use yours in another project, i let you know if we have some issues again.

    best regards, and many thanks for your help



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