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    (not sure if this didn’t go through the first time…)
    Hello –

    I’m loving this plugin, and have it working mostly great! Here’s my issue:

    I’m using a font that has specific Italics, Bold, and Bold/Italic versions, and I have replaced the “cite, em, i” elements with the Italic, and the “strong” element with the Bold, and it works wonderfully.

    However, I need to have the Bold/Italic font be used for text that is in a blockquote, italicized and bolded.
    In other words, the HTML would be [blockquote][em][strong]Some text[/strong][/em][/blockquote]

    Is there a way to define this chain of elements to use a specific font?

    — Dave



    Hi Dave,

    Please use this in custom element box and assign font to it. This should meet your requirement.

    blockquote em strong


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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