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    I activated the API key, when i try to upload a custom font it shows me the error:
    “Unexpected Error Occured.”

    Can you please help me =)

    Best Regards, Mirko


    Ray Renati

    I have the same problem.



    Same Problem here and I have used your plugin successfully for a while now. All of a sudden none of my sites will allow for uploading of new fonts. Must be something with the wordpress update.



    I also have the same problem



    Hi there, I am having the same issue as well. Do you have any ideas?
    THX so much!



    It seems support is completely lacking. For all other users this has affected all of my sites I am assuming it has to do with the recent wordpress updates or something with Dinesh Karki’s server.



    Hi Everyone,

    We would like to apologize for this issue. To fix it we have updated our plugin to new version 4.4.4. Can you please update and try again ?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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