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    I have followed the instructions to ensure W3 Total Cache should work with 2 themes (desktop & mobile) with Any Mobile Theme Pro. Instructions for this are here:


    But still randomly I will visit the site on desktop and see mobile tehme and vise versa…

    This is very scary to me. I just want it to work. I’ll pay to make this just work 100% without this ongoing nightmare that I’m losing customers…

    What do I need to do to ensure this works 100% of the time? I need to have some form of caching so what is the solution to this ongoing issue?



    Hi Allister,

    I am afraid that W3 Total Cache is not working 100% in all setup. So that is why i am giving 7 days trial so that someone can check and decide.

    However, i will ask a snapshot of your W3 Total admin settings page. I will check if there is any thing wrong.




    Seems to be reproducable currently until I go and clear the cache:


    Showing as mobile theme on desktop, all other pages working fine.

    All caching & minify is enabled except JS minify which causing issues with mobile theme menus I can’t resolve myself.

    This really is a fucked situation where Google give better rank for having mobile optimisation & page speed, requiring basically a handmade site and caching – something that clearly doesn’t “just work” and requires paying someone to get setup. Just my 2 cents.



    And working OK now it seems soon as I posted that. 100% random, no fathomable reason. Is just my livelihood at stake. This is just fucked – I’m literally stressing 24/7 that I’m losing customers because of this, but if I turn off the caching the site is slow as fuck and I’ll not increase rank. I can’t make the money to get someone to just set this up properly because I don’t have the rank.

    Google has my dick in a fucking vice.



    Hi Allister,

    What do you mean ? It worked or not ?

    If not working, can you send me your wp-admin detials at dnesscarkey(aatt)gmail(d00t)com ? I will check and let you know.




    I have the exact same setup and the exact same problem.

    My site is http://www.onedirection.net and randomly the mobile user will be served a desktop theme, and vice-versa.

    In fact right now I have just visited the site on my smartphone and it served me the desktop theme. If I refresh the page however I am served the mobile theme.

    What can be causing this? I have the Pro version.



    Hi Chris,

    Have you cleared your site Cache after setup ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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