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    hi dinesh

    so far everything worked like a breeze with this plug-in. it’s really a great one !

    one issue now is a little bit irritating:

    when there is the letter combination “art” in a word (like article, quarter, …) then the “r” is shown much smaller (on samsung smart phones) or as a placeholder rectangle (on apple ipad). only happens with an “r” between the “a” and the “t”, any other letter placed between the two shows up normally. and no other letter combination has shown this behaviour so far.

    on other devices (lenovo notebook, samsung tablet) the combination “art” is shown normally.

    all the devices have the latest update of their respective os.

    and the issue was not there before the last update of the plug-in two weeks ago …

    thank you very much in advance for helping to resolve the issue !

    cheers, ulli

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    Hi ulli,

    I am sorry but i don’t see such issue here. I am checking this page and it looks good to me. . Any chance you can send me snapshot pointing out the issue ? I will check again.


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