Mobile theme for wordpress

Use  of smart phone has become widely popular over the world.People have started  browsing the web and blogging in the mobile it self because of the portability and flexibility it provides.Due to the popularity and growing use of phone for browsing/blogging it has become essential to develop mobile friendly themes.

Normally the computer friendly themes are activated when blogging with the phone.It is a big problem since it takes long time to load in your mobile.Besides, you will have to scroll down the screen to frame the content of your interest.To relieve you from such problems different wordpress plugins are availabel that support mobile blogging .Such plugins facilaites you to browse and blog from your phone with more convenience and in effective manner.Depending upon the type of mobile device you are using it automatically activates the friendly version.

One of such plugins is “Any mobile theme switcher”.

This Plugin detects mobile browser and loads the mobile theme as the setting done from admin. It is useful for switching to Mobile Theme for all kinds of mobile devices.

You can select a different mobile theme for each mobile browser as per the setting of  your device.

You can download the plugin from here