Use Any Font Known Issues

Some of the known issues that might be blocking from plugin to work.

  1. No wp_head() function included in header.php of theme file

    Most of the theme have included this function. But their might be some case that your theme developer hasn’t included it. wp_head() is needed to included plugin css and js file in the theme. Lack of use of this function, makes Use Any Font unable to include css file in your theme. 

  2. Curl not enabled in your hosting server

    Curl is a php extension needed to send and receive data from remote server. Our plugin use this to send and receive the font conversion request. To check either it is enabled in your server or not, you can see Server Connectivity Test in right hand side of Use Any Font plugin interface. If it has green bar and says Successfull, it is working. If it is red, you get the error message there. In this case, you can talk to your hosting provider to enable it

  3. You have also used Cufon font embed system

    Cufon is a js font embed system. If you have use cufon and our font embed for the same html element, then the cufon replaces it. So the final font will be as of cufon. In this case, you can remove cufon or use it in different elements.

  4. Did you forget to assign the font ?

    This has also been stated in Instruction, but we have noticed that many have forgotten this step. It is most that you assign font to your html element after font has been uploaded.

  5. Multiple font-family css for same element

    Use Any Font uses font-family css and mark it as important to make sure it used in your element at top priority. But if you already have specified that earlier, then there may be high chance that the font may not be used in your element. In this case, you can remove font-family css from those elements.

Still have problem ? You can also ask to rectify your problem.