Usefull firefox Add-ons for web development

Here is the list of Firefox add-ons which will help you in the web development.

    1. Firebug
    With this addon you can edit, debug, inspect your html elements, css, javascript, ajax request/response.

    2. MeasureIt
    Used to drag out a ruler to get the pixel height and width of any element in web page.

    3. Modify Headers
    This addon gives feature to add, modify, filter you HTTP request headers. Widely Used for the web service development for smart phones.

    4. Fireshot
    Adds ability to take screenshot of entire/portion of webpage. You can edit your screenshot with annotation tools for text, highlights etc.

    5. Dummy Lipsum
    Generates Lorem Ipsum dummy text. You can specify the number of paragraphs and words to generate.

    6.  ColorZilla
    Provides eyedropper and color picker to get the color reading from any point of the web.

    These are the addons that i am using for the web development. If you have more… Share It.

    How to install addons in firefox?

    1. Go to Tools -> Add-Ons
    2. Click on Get Add ons tab
    3. Search Addons
    4. Click on Add To Firefox