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dave turner

Third Try

sorry just read the second post and it does not make sense perfectly so i’ll explain again

I purchased a API to use upload fonts as your package has been great with the supplied fonts

If i upload a font to use in a post it displays fine in the editor and on the new page screen also if i press preview post the uploaded fonts display fine i have looked in the text tab of the editor and it changing the font name for instance

<span style=”font-family: “uploaded font name”;”>hello</span>

when i publish a post the uploded font change to a roman type font unsure what the fonts name is it looks like georgia which is supplied with the plugin

The page i am using to test uploaded fonts is called “next in line” all of the orange words should be the uploaded fonts. You can find the page in the “articles” – “News” section on the main menu of the website

I have tried with 5 different uploaded fonts sourced from different locations they all give the same result

I have tested on I.E – Firefox & Chrome they all display the same

Thanks Dinesh any help would be grate