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Hi Dinesh,

So the host tech told me that I had to make the relevant changes in the .htaccess file and that they don’t activate this kind of thing from their end. I told them you had made the same conclusion and that I’d put the relevant code into the htaccess and that it didn’t work.

They of course told me I needed to check the code. I’m sure it is my fault as I really know nothing about code. What I did was click the edit option on my htaccess file from my host control panel, I then pasted in the code you gave me on a new line (after the last line of previous code) and hit enter to get the cursor onto a new line. Then I saved the file.

Does that sound right to you?

Sorry for the trouble. If there’s nothing obvious wrong with what I’ve done then we’ll call it quits and I’ll just have to go without the custom font.

Thanks again for all your help