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I actually fond a solution. for those who encounter the same problem: You need to put this in your .htaccess file (change the http://yoursite.com URL…):

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
<FilesMatch “\.(eot|font.css|otf|ttc|ttf|woff)$”>
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “http://yoursite.com”
<IfModule mod_mime.c>
# Web fonts
AddType application/font-woff woff
AddType application/vnd.ms-fontobject eot

# Browsers usually ignore the font MIME types and sniff the content,
# however, Chrome shows a warning if other MIME types are used for the
# following fonts.
AddType application/x-font-ttf ttc ttf
AddType font/opentype otf

# Make SVGZ fonts work on iPad:
# https://twitter.com/FontSquirrel/status/14855840545
AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz
AddEncoding gzip svgz