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Hi Dinesh,
thank you for replying to my thread. I seriously don’t know how you personally reply to nearly all threads, run your own coding development and find time to eat and sleep, but anyway. thanks

So I did what you said, made a new page, as I was assigning them, they began to work, all the fonts on the new page. So i closed that went to another (existing page) the ones I tried worked there too, so i went to the page I was working on, and ….. nothing, they reverted back to the same state (they come out as trebutchet ) on mine when not working – all of them. So, I figured they will work on a new site – just not one that’s already running.

I made a friend a basic one page site on weekend, they all worked fine. But still can’t add them to my existing sites. Happy to give you the logins again to check, and I only bought the old key when it was less, so I am buying this new one anyway. I am getting more than enough from your work. It would be nice to just get 3 more fonts on my existing pages, but if I can’t then i will just use them on all new sites – I just remember to add all fonts at beginning, because I can’t after. I am happy to pay for your time to rectify problem. You can’t keep doing all this free.

please email if you want logins or you may still have my whatsapp +61426 915 822 Thanks again bro