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Hey guys,

Good News! After reading this thread I set out to make this plugin work with Divi and I succeeded. Here is what I did:

1) After installing useanyfont I uploaded several fonts. I did not use the Assign Font section at all.

2) Next, I had to clear ALL my caches including: server side caching (email your web hosting company and ask them if they can clear this for you), the firewall cache (I am using Sucuri), my WP total cache plugin, and my internet browser cache. Then the uploaded fonts showed up in my Divi text editor drop down list.

3) Note: useanyfont will not be available in the drop down menu for every Divi module, only the text module. You have two options to still use the useanyfont uploaded fonts:

a) use the custom CSS section at the bottom of your Divi Theme Options page. Here is an example of the code you would need to use in order to use Oswald in the Divi fullwidth post title module:

.et_pb_fullwidth_post_title_0 .et_pb_title_container h1.entry-title { font-family: oswald’!important;}

This code will change all your fullwidth post titles on your entire site. You will need to adjust the code to change any other modules you wish to adjust.

b) alternatively you can go into a specific module’s settings and go to the Custom CSS tab and scroll down to the section you want to adjust. (ie. Title, Subtitle, etc.) Then just add the following code:

font-family: oswald!important;

This is what I did and I now have full control over the fonts on my site. Hope this works for you!