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    I’m assuming I can’t access the theme options / widgets …etc, for the mobile theme?

    If I have “Theme A” active, and “Theme B” as my mobile theme…

    …then I can only access Theme A’s theme options.


    The options stored for Theme B (if I temporarily switch between the two themes), only get rendered on the mobile site if Theme B is active.



    Ideally I’d like a “Theme Options” page, for any theme I’m using.

    I realise that may be a stretch :S


    We have a bad luck here. WordPress doesn’t allow widgets for inactive themes. So its better we don;t keep widgests in our mobile theme.

    Steven Church

    Is there an update on this. We have used this module however, when we enable the mobile theme we cvan no longer select templates from our standard theme which is showing on the main website. Is this how it is meant to work and we should then move all of the templates over into this theme?




    In wordpress, only the active theme settings can be changed. So to make settings changes of mobile theme, you need to activate it for some while and make the changes. After making changes you can switch you active theme.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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