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    philip ingram

    Is the font converted into a format that can be stolen off the web and thus violate possible copyright issues?

    Do you have to use a shortcodes limiting the fonts for use only in post/pages or can you simply add a css rule to a design element?

    Is the API used only once for conversion or is it used each time the font is rendered on page load?  Meaning, after the conversion, is there a dependency on the plugin to load the font or once the converted files are present and the needed css rule with url references, can the plugin be disabled  until next conversion is needed?  Looking at the demo I see eot and woff files in general wp uploads which would indicate they can be stolen…so I guess I just answered my first question =)


    We use @font-face css to eembed font and need to specify font file path there. So the font can be stolen if some one have idea of css and little programming knowledge.

    You can add a css rule to specify for just certain elements.

    The API is used when converting the font. For normal use, API is not needed. However the plugin must be active to work for font load.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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