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    Jan Havmoeller

    Hi, I have two big questions:

    1. How can I delete multiple entries at once (not all, but check multiple – maybe using a checkbox)
    2. How can I retrieve false positives from WP Armour to Gravity Forms? I’ve identified a couple of entries that are not spam.

    Thank you

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    Jan Havmoeller

    Also, I need a date for each entry.

    Could you also add a button to export a selection to CSV?

    Thank you

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    Hi Jan,

    1. As of now we don’t have such option. We will try to integrate it in future release.

    2. There is no possibility of false positives retriable. As these are not allowed to be posted at all. However, there is only 2 scenario where false positives can be detected.
    a. Either your visitor is not using javascript (which is rare for normal website visitors) and even in that case, our default msg says
    Spamming or javascript disabled to notify the user.
    b. There is javascript error in your website and it is not allowing to run our js code.

    3. We can have this feature in future release.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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