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    Anthony Sarchiapone


    After installing the “Jquery Validation For Gravity Forms” plugin, I tested a form and if I left a required field blank, it worked by showing the error. However, after I filled in the required field after the error message and clicked Submit, nothing happens. Even if on the initial try I fill in the fields and hit Submit with the plugin active, it won’t submit the form.

    On the form’s Confirmation settings, I have it redirect to Pardot with Query Strings like:
    first_name={input_9.6:9.6}&last_name={input_7.6:7.6}&email={input_8:8}&utm_source={UTM Source:11}&utm_medium={UTM Medium:12}&utm_campaign={UTM Campaign:13}&company={Company/Hospital Name:14}&industry={Industry:15}&country={Country:17}&clinic_state={Clinic State *:19}&state_province={State / Province *:20}&number_of_vets={Number of Veterinarians:16}&phone={Phone:18}

    We’re trying to get the 3 hidden UTM fields to pass through to Pardot, but Gravity Forms keeps stripping them out if the person doesn’t fill in required fields on the initial try. I was hoping your plugin would fix that issue, but it’s not even submitting any info.

    On a sidenote, not sure if this is relevant, but we also have a script on the page to make sure the UTM queries are included. Our site’s on Pantheon and it strips those fields without our script below.

    <script>"&").forEach(function(item, index) {
        var utm = item.split("=");
        if (utm[0] == "utm_campaign") {
            jQuery("#input_9_13").attr("value", utm[1]);
        } else if (utm[0] == "utm_medium") {
            jQuery("#input_9_12").attr("value", utm[1]);
        } else if (utm[0] == "utm_source") {
            jQuery("#input_9_11").attr("value", utm[1]);

    Any fix?

    Thank you!
    George Gabrelian

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    Hi Anthony,

    Can you please share me your url where i can check the form with our plugin activated ? I will check and try to find the cause for it.


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    George Gabrelian

    Hi Dinesh,

    I’m the webmaster for Anthony’s site. How can I privately send you a link and admin access to our dev site for you to troubleshoot?

    Thank you,
    George Gabrelian

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