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    Monica Leavell

    Hello! I’m working on a Kadence theme and the 4 fonts I’ve uploaded and assigned work in certain places, and not others. Additionally, the fonts are not displaying properly in live previews of my staging site. I’ve looked through the Kadence Customize page, I’ve purged the cache, and switched the API path. Site is

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    Can you please make sure these things ?

    1. If you are using SSL, please make sure your SSL is setup properly. (You may use Really Simple SSL like plugin for it.)
    2. If you are using cache, minify or CDN plugin (Siteground Optimizer is being used here. ), please set Use Absolute Path to Yes from our plugin’s settings Tab.
    3. Clear the cache of your minify or cache plugin.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Dinesh! Thanks so much for your response. Overnight, after sending off my inquiry, it seems to have worked itself out. I had already set “Use Absolute Path” to Yes and cleared the cache. I use Really Simple SSL (though I’m not too proficient in that just yet).

    The fonts appear to be working on desktop view, but not tablet or mobile view. Any insight on that? And why it defaults to another font?

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    Hi Monica,

    If you are talking about this section “Helping to craft, plan, & document unforgettable moments for”, i can see it working both in desktop and Iphone 14.


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    Ahh that got me so excited for a moment. Apologies, my staging site is a mess right now while trying to tweak settings to make custom fonts work. That section is using an info box with fonts from Google Fonts, so no issue there.

    The next section, however, is a great example to reference (“Most people want to be in the moment…”)

    The first two headline fonts, before the paragraph text, is displaying in Helvetica vs. my preferred custom font. The custom fonts have been assigned, and displays correctly on desktop view, but changes to Helvetica in tablet and mobile views.

    Furthermore, the custom fonts I upload always show up as “{Font Name}, helvetica, arial, sans-serif.”
    Any way to change this?

    Here’s a folder I uploaded some screenshots to for you to see what I’m seeing on my end:

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