Stop Spam in Your MailPoet Newsletters with WP Armour Extended 1.29!

We’re excited to announce a powerful integration between WP Armour Extended and MailPoet, the leading newsletter plugin for WordPress! This integration, available in WP Armour Extended version 1.29, ensures your MailPoet newsletters are free from spam subscribers.

Here’s how it works: WP Armour Extended’s advanced honeypot technology seamlessly integrates with MailPoet’s signup forms. Honeypots are cleverly disguised form fields that only spam bots will fill out. When a bot interacts with the honeypot, WP Armour identifies and blocks the submission, preventing spam email addresses from infiltrating your MailPoet subscriber list.

This means you can focus on building a genuine audience of engaged readers, confident that your newsletters reach the right people. Upgrade to WP Armour Extended 1.29 today and enjoy a cleaner, more effective email marketing experience!