Web development in Nepal.

In August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee published the first website, a simple, text-based page with a few links.Ever since then world has been fascinated to use website as the primary source of information and dissemination of knowledge.Along with the extensive development in internet and its easy access to the general public website became the premium tool of marketing and endorsement of product for corporate house and industrial sectors.

Nepal could not longer keep itself  away from this sector after its inception.However it’s a tough ask to  pin point the history of web development in Nepal with absolute precision.Due to unavailability of  the written evidence it’s difficult to unravel the history of web development in Nepal.

Nevertheless,the less web development is fostering in Nepal.However, this business has never been a pleasure cruse. In fact the entire credit of contemporary condition of this field goes to private sectors. There has never been any incentive from government level to heighten the level of web development.Rather the political instability and a decade long Maoist conflict has halted the progress of this sector.At present this business is running from outsource with little scope from internal market.Web developers from country like Nepal are cheap labour to developed country.So, external sources i.e, foreign countries  show high interest in our technical know how.Due to lack of support and recognition to our manpower  by the Nation; the exact potential of professionals involved in this sector it yet to get proper exposure at international level.

The major hindrances halting the proper flourishment of this business are listed below:

  • lack of better internet service and high speed internet in the country.
  • lack of online paying facility
  • lack of optimum internal market so as to sustain with internal source alone.
  • Expert guidance to the new comers is something that needs high attention if this sector is to compete at international level which is missing at the moment in the country.
  • Statues and cyber law sounds like something from external world  in Nepal.Formulation of proper laws and provision of punishment to the guilt party can help professionals involved in this field make a  proper living out of  it.
  • The important of all political instability  is discouraging  people to invest in this sectors;specially foreign investors.

The present condition and the status of Web development in Nepal is encouraging the new comer in this sectors.However, if the above mentioned problems can be addressed properly; there is no stopping in the culmination of this sector in the days to come.In a nutshell web development in Nepal hasn’t been exploited to its full potential.Proper attention to this sector can aid in bringing different problems of  the nation including unemployment to an end.