WP Armour Extended Now Supports Bricks Forge Pro Forms!

We’re thrilled to announce another powerful integration for WP Armour Extended! This time, we’ve joined forces with Bricks Forge Pro Forms, the advanced form builder for WordPress. This exciting addition, available in WP Armour Extended version 1.31, empowers you to create secure and spam-free forms with ease.

Enhanced Security for Your Bricks Forge Forms:

Bricks Forge Pro Forms offers a powerful drag-and-drop interface to build complex forms for your website. With this integration, WP Armour Extended seamlessly bolsters the security of your forms, protecting you from unwanted spam submissions.

Unleash the Power of WP Armour Extended:

  • Effortless Spam Blocking: WP Armour Extended’s advanced anti-spam features automatically detect and block spam submissions, ensuring your forms only capture genuine user data.
  • Honeypot Protection: Leverage the power of honeypots – cleverly disguised form fields that only bots will interact with. This effectively traps spam bots while leaving genuine users unaffected.
  • Simplified Management: Manage all your anti-spam settings centrally within the WP Armour Extended dashboard. This eliminates the need for complex configuration within each individual form.

Focus on Building Great Forms, Leave Security to Us!

Don’t let spam submissions compromise your website’s security or the quality of your form data. Upgrade to WP Armour Extended version 1.31 today and unlock the power of this Bricks Forge Pro Forms integration. Focus on creating exceptional forms that capture valuable user interactions, while WP Armour Extended takes care of the security behind the scenes.