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    scott buchanan


    Greetings from Florida! I thought I posted this already, but must have done something wrong because I cannot find it.
    I am managing a site that was created for us. I have many years of database development experience, but not much web experience.

    Our site has WP Armour v2.1.5 plug-in installed.
    WP Armour seems to be active on a Gravity form (“join mailing list”), used in footer and it shows counts on the Statistic tab

    I have a page with a form in HTML that posts to our CRM (and was getting hammered with ads for Russian girls).
    I looked at your post
    – Added wpa_initiator to form.
    – Created a function (checkSpam) based on the blog code and updated form to call it (onsubmit=”return checkSpam()”).
    instead of return: $GLOBALS[‘wpa_error_message’];
    I have: return false;

    When I view the page during editing, I see the “Act as Spam Bot” div on both my form, and in the footer (for “join mailing list”)
    But, when my form is submitted, it throws an error “wpa_check_is_spam in not defined.”

    I examined the page source, and found one related script included:
    but it does not contain that function.

    Is there another item to add to the page for this to work?



    Hi Scott,

    The spam check code should be checked via server side script, PHP here. But you are trying via javascript. So it won’t work as intended. Code should be placed to the server side file where processing is done.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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